EPITIMIA – Allusion Digipack-CD


Black Metal, Russia

Onism Records, 2020.

6-Panel Digipack CD

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Black Metal, Russia

Onism Records, 2020.

6-Panel Digipack CD



1          Clue I: Animist             7:22

2          Clue II: Melencolia I    7:56

3          Clue III: Waiting For The Doom         6:42

4          Clue IV: I Aspire Like A Bird    8:42

5          Clue V: Altered State Of Consciousness        7:45

6          Clue VI: Schizophrenia           8:43

7          Clue VII: Post Scriptum          7:15


Epitimia have carved out their own niche within the black metal scene. Their music is riven with heartache, instilled with a sense of separation and isolation. The guitars ascend mountains of longing, fall hopelessly into ravines of despair and the desperate vocals howl against a backdrop of ice and shadows. Epitimia’s sixth album, Allusion, entwines you in emotions so powerful they are inescapable and when its final echoes fade away a sense of otherness persists, holding you apart from the life that was once so comfortable.

Allusion is a pivotal release in Epitimia’s career, with each of the songs being a complete re-imagining of themes from the band’s past. It represents a doorway to their future and a revealing of the true power that has always flowed like a hidden, underground stream through their previous albums.

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Black Metal


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