nacht009 GRIFTEGÅRD – „Solemn.Sacred.Severe“ LP

This vinyl-release of GRIFTEGARDs „Solemn.Sacred.Severe“, that epochal monolith of orthodox and spiritual Doom, unrivaled in its grandeur and tragedy, was released and baptised in special visual skin and made available in 3 different and limited editions.

Very last copies of the regular edition are still available, whereas the Deluxe Edition and Collector Edition are sold out.

The Regular Edition of this LP-edition is pressed on 180gr heavy vinyl media, wrapped in black paper protection-sleeves, inserted in a fine 350gr chromo carton and adorned with great golden hot-foil embossing and UV-spot lacquering. A 24 pages A4 booklet-brochure with lyrics, photos and altered artwork enhances the spiritual connection and atmospheric experience.

The Collectors’-Edition (same as regular edition but on red marble vinyl, coming with an exclusive bronze metal sigil, limited to 200) and The Deluxe-Edition (as regular edition, on red marble vinyl, with bronze metal sigil, but in noble black leather vinyl-slipcase with golden hot-foil print and red linen inside, limited 100) were manufactured to praise this masterwork of true spiritual doom!