DRUON ANTIGON – Desontstijging Digipack-CD


Black Metal, Belgium

Onism Records, 2020.

6-Panel Digipack CD

Limited Edition 300 copies

Lieferzeit: 1-2 Tage



Black Metal, Belgium

Onism Records, 2020.

6-Panel Digipack CD



1          Zinloos           10:13

2          Herrijzenis      8:45

3          Like Gods        7:37

4          Weavess         12:46


Both the chilling realisation of humankind’s utter insignificance and the calm acceptance of that truth are explored within the vast scope of Druon Antigon’s debut of cosmic black metal, Desontstijging. From harsh, unflinching diatribes against self deception, to awe filled wanderings amongst the impossible vastness of the celestial bodies and the cold, black eternities that lie between the stars; this is an album like no other. Furious blast beats and riffs of ice break upon steel spikes of electronics, dissipating into visionary soundscapes. Raging, howling vocals tear through endless skies before being slowly frozen into silence and left tumbling through the limitless expanses of space. Far from hopeless, the music of Druon Antigon guides us from delusions of grandeur to the understanding of true possibilities. These songs that balance soul-shredding fear and exhilarating discovery, explore alien extremes and human emotion and walk the hinterlands of both perfect peace and endless war are striving to encompass so much more than we ever stumble across in our blinkered day-to-day existence. Desontstijging is ambitious, challenging, confrontational and also incredibly rewarding.

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Größe13 × 13 × 0.5 cm

Black Metal


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