AVE MARIA – Chapter One LP


Black Metal, Germany

Kult Of Nihilow, 2011

Black Vinyl, limited 250 copies


Lieferzeit: 1-2 Tage



Black Metal, Germany

Kult Of Nihilow, 2011


Chapter I – a riotously swaying, inward spinning spiral is a trippy journey making its outer spheres reach the banishing of the oath, locking the mind and moaning in lust and holy treachery. 

The smell of brimstone lingers in the air whilst the inner circles of the vortex glisten in the source of light. The contact is lost inside a devouring whirl of confrontation while the form is collapsing and the spiral reaches the never-seen.

Psyched-out yet focused Black Metal


1. The Trembling Eye 3:43 

2. Coitus Behind Moral Walls 3:46 

3. Shining Toxic 6:19 

4. The Cloven Psalmody 4:20 

5. Among Them 5:46 

6. Impulses From The Sphere Of Broken Larynx 4:07 

7. With Words Like Ecstasy 6:03 

8. Tongues 3:02 

9. Meandering Through The Tunnel Of Trance 5:24 

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Gewicht0.51 kg
Größe31.5 × 31.5 × 0.7 cm

Black Metal


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